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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 16, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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hi, everybody. we've got the best videos and the stories behind them right this minute. what did this guy do to get man handled like this? >> bill barry drops to the ground, starts to convulse. >> hear what deputies didn't know before the take down and see why this case is causing so much debate. a driver runs a woman down in the street. >> he told police i didn't realize i hit her that bad.
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>> but wait until you see what he did next. that's really bad. >> that really has left me speechless. >> it's the woolly mamouth that launched a thousand guesses. >> hear who finally put the pieces together and solved the mystery. and a guy bites off another guy's long toenail. we go to baltimore to find out who, what and most importany, why.that. >> it's time to get things started. and nick has our first story. >> let's take a look at this surveillance video from alberta, canada. bill berry is about to walk through the door on the left-hand side of the screen. it's an open door. it's the exit door to the courthouse. barry walks through the open door and bypasses the security stop on the right-hand side.
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deputies that are working inside the courthouse see him walk right passed security and immediately approach him, grab him behind the neck and start to drag him out of the court. mr. barry breathes through a tube in his throat. he's a cancer survivor. he is also mute and deaf. and was unable to communicate with deputy thomas bounds when he approached him. bounds ties him up and takes him out the door. his breathing tube is dislodged. he drops to the ground. he can't breathe. four other deputies rush to the scene. one of the other deputies is able to reinsert mr. barry's breathing tube. he's okay. what do you guys think about this? >> the problem here is the person who's working the other door should have noticed that the door stayed open. >> before you drag the guy out of there, give him a chance to make a correction. >> what if mr. barry was not an innocent man? how long do you wait to move a
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potential threat that went passed security? >> because mr. barry -- there's a possibility that the officer was yelling at him trying to get his attention. it possibly felt like he was being ignored. >> but this guy can't communicate and say he can't understand what the officer is telling him. >> officials concluded that bounds did use excessive force. he is no longer working at the courthouse for the government. and barry has hired a lawyer and is considering seeking compensation. so this one is a tough call. we want our viewers to continue the discussion. go to and leave your comments below the video. >> what's worse than getting hit by a car? not much except maybe getting hit by the same car the same day by the same guy. that's exactly what happened in fall river, massachusetts. we saw this in boston. this is surveillance video from a nearby jewelry store. if you look in the top, right-hand corner of your screen, that is 52-year-old
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donna woods. she almost makes it half way across the street before a car comes speeding to the top of the screen and hits donna woods. you see a bunch of bystanders come by and try to help donna woods. the man driving the car is 32-year-old antonio martise. he gets out of the car. he checks on donna woods while all of these other bystanders are making sure she's okay. but then the driver gets back in his car. and then we see from a bystander's cell phone video that as he tries to speed off, he hits donna woods again. >> oh, my goodness. you're kidding. >> at this point, witnesses chase down this guy's car and they held him there. >> so how did these guys on foot catch up with this guy? >> well, when he tried to speed off after hitting donna woods the second time, he actually wrecked his car. the police came, ortiz was arrested and charged with drunken driving. he told police i didn't realize i hit her that bad. i drank four beers and two shots
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last night and i'm not thinking straight. listen, officer, i know i hit that lady and i want to tell her i'm sorry. i'm not hurt, i just want to go and see my mom. >> people that saw this were not happy. >> that lady is someone's mother. that lady is someone's grandmother. you don't do those types of things to people. >> fortunately, she's recovering. she's already out of the hospital and expected to be fine. but quite a day when you're hit twice by the same guy. >> so last week, a video of a woolly mamouth became an internet sensation, right? well, we now know that this was, in fact, a big, humongus hoax. >> no way. >> i wanted it to be real. >> well, the person that actually shot this video an austral yaian film maker.
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>> it's quite a wild area. >> this is footage from a documentary that lou is creating. >> the guy that made the video probably thought oh, i'll just take this clip. no one will ever figure this out. but low and behold, the internet, the truth always comes out. >> so how did this all come to life? >> the web site called life's little mysteries didn't exactly believe this hoax. they did the research, spoke to mr. peso and revealed that this mamouth video was, in fact, a hoax.
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wanted to get my boys around me for some high-speed racing in the snow. >> oh. >> was that supposed to happen? is that how they stop? >> no, that was not supposed to happen. this is the great northern concrete toboggin race. now, what this is is a big toboggin race that they put on every year so that college students all over canada can showca showcase their engineering skills. they have to create a toboggin and they have to have a working brake system. now, in this case, their brakes fail. >> why is this called the concrete toboggin? does it have to be made of concrete? >> no, what they're sliding on is ice and snow covered concrete. >> they get tossed out of that thing like rag dolls.
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it doesn't look like they got hurt, but they're lucky because their sled almost lands right on top of them. >> listen to the announcer. >> everybody stay off the track right now. >> according to reports, this sled was going 65 miles per hour. >> at what point do you think they were like, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. >> i believe it's the finish line. >> is it creepy to bite the nail off another man's toe? meet the baltimore guy who won't toe the line. legs, buffet mot country for his move
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at right this minute dot com. great videos all day long. >> the real life cymba from the lion king.
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so this video is an oldie but a goodie and oh so cutie. this is at a national park. and this little lion cub is crying because she's on the wrong side of the road and his family is on the other side of the road. >> that mom is probably going crazy. she's hearing him. she says i know i hear him. i see three other ones right here. >> then look at his little sibling brother. hey, little cymba, where are you? and he started looking for him himself. and he found him. he's like i got you, little brother. you're safe now. >> how cute that the brother came to the rescue? >> right? >> my little heart is just broken and warmed all at the same time. >> and then after this, they all sang the elton john hit, hakuna matata.
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>> i don't think elton john wrote that one, did he? did he write that one? >> oh, i knew elton. and then they all sang hakun hakuna matata, the elton john classic. written by elton john. >> a little known fact. >> josh spiegel admit that is his hygiene is lacking. that's his nasty foot and his toe that is haven't been clipped for months. mike is going to bite the toenail off of his foot. it's disgusting and this is all part of the radio show, 98 rock in baltimore. >> it's a morning show. mike is one of the morning show news producers. >> oh, man. >> and it looks like the guy has been growing the toenail out for months! here it is. get it there.
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>> oh. >> the worst is over, beth. the worst is over. >> is it? >> yeah, these guys do all different kinds of prakt pranks and antics. it's packed with fun videos. let me show you another one here. a couple other guys tried on spanks for men. i didn't even know they made male spanks. >> oh, yeah, they do. >> this is scott reardon, he's the executive producer. he's trying to wash out some of the earwax. >> he's sucking stuff out of his ear right now! he's trying to flush his year. >> that's earwax? >> no, no, that's just a warm-water solution. >> it's like better now. come here. >> it's more about the behind-the-scenes antics at 98 rok. scott, thanks for joining us. now, the video that got the biggest reaction is the toenail biting. believe it or not, it was actually mike's idea to see if he could bite it off. >> so it was the biter's idea? >> talk about the earwax.
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>> i seemed to be just as disappointed as you when you didn't see a big chunk of earwax come out. >> i was a little bit relieved to know that i have healthy ears, i guess. >> we have a store in town and they told us that we have spanks for men. we said you've got to come in here and bring us some spanks. >> it's like being a sausage. i don't know how you ladies do it. i give you credit. >> tell me how putting up these videos on your web site has helped the radio show. >> radio at this point, you've got to have original content up on your web site at all times. so you can send people the web site so they can see what we're doing and have fun. >> yes, i did not enjoy that as much as i thought i would. >> going fishing. your hand is the bait. >> and i want to try it. >> we're talking to the man behind hill billy hand fishing. and if that's too tame of an adventure, there's always free-running with the man.
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you think you have, like, some sick moves on the dance floor? wait until you get a load of this guy. he's a regular break-dancing b-boy, except, as you see, he doesn't have any legs. >> that impresses me. >> he is in new deli, india.
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he was born without legs and look at him. >> he has some serious moves. >> yes, that's the worm. that's the worm he's doing right there. a little doctor spin. >> apparently, he was encouraged by his friends to sort of pursue dance after his friends saw other handicapped people enjoying the art of dance. >> he got so good that within three months, he was on india's got talent. >> oh. >> and, as you can imagine, he's sort of a celebrity now. people know about him. they know about his crazy dance moves and people kind of come from all over to watch him. as you see here, he's out in some sort of urban square. and these people are cheering him on. he's dancing with a group of guys, but they have legs.
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he's able to do what these people are doing who don't have this disability. it's pretty amazing to see. >> a very special birthday happened over the weekend. the birthday of thomas edison. you always forget. i'm going to mark it on your calendar next year. >> so what do you know about thomas edison? >> famous guy. invented things. >> he did invent things. most people think he's famous for inventing the lightbulb. another thing you probably did not know about thomas edison is this -- >> he was a stick figure. he invented things and didn't eat. >> he was born in ohio on february 11th. many people today correctly associate the phonograph with the record player. >> this guy who created this video, jeremiah warren, says a guy named joseph wilson swan invented the lightbulb. >> this was probably the first invented lightbulb. later, he would develop a
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patent. edison made swan a partner giving the full ownership. the idea of edison was concrete furniture. >> who knew? thomas edison invented concrete furniture. do you know who used it, though? fred flintstone. >> most of the patent modifications are his ideas. he was a very good businessman. he used his business skills to improve on current ideas. >> so he's like the mark zuckerburg of the olden days. >> we should make a movie about this. >> it's going to be hard casting a guy who looks like a stick figure, though. >> i'm skipper. and i want to show these folks something they'll never forget. >> oh, my gosh. >> catching cat fish with your bare hands and feet. >> this is in oklahoma where people go to catch fish with their bare hands.
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and i want to try it. >> these fish they're pulling up are as big as the people are. >> i've done this and you do catch them with your hands. >> oh, my goodness. i've got him. >> well, to talk about his new show, hill billy dance fishing, we have skipper givens. skipper, your hand is bait. do you think that's what's making this so fascinating to other people who never heard of n noodling. >> i definitely think it has a new element. a new twist. you've got to get close to it, he will run up and bite you. >> what are we talking about here? what kind of injuries? >> much like getting your hand in a vice and somebody was cranking down on it. he can leave abrasions and cut marks. >> i don't see any spaghetti in these video, why is this called noodling? >> if you leave sp get tee in a bowl, it gets really, really
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slimy. that's the way this feels. >> tell us about the two models from up north who came to go noodling with you guys. >> two of our most difficult clients, it was really tough to get them on a fish. so they wanted to catch a fish. they just didn't want to have to touch it to do it. >> here he goes. >> well, good ck with the o sundays at 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on, of course, animal planet. >> it's that busy commuting time of the day and you hope nothing goes wrong. >> yieks, live wires. live wires. >> something went wrong. see it all comi
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i don't know about you guy, but i always thought a good hackey sack session would be a good two, three, four hacks until i saw this. these hackey sackers are involved in a competition in vegas on unlv's campus. before we go any further in the story, we have to refer to hackey sacking as its proper formal name. foot bagging. yeah, this is the foot wag.
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if you ever wanted to know what it looks like to keep a foot bag going for more than like three hacks, this is what it looks like from that perspective. >> it's gone viral. everybody's got it. and now we're getting a point of view from a foot bagger. >> i've never seen a foot bag or hackey sack from that vantage point. >> you've never hack nd your life? >> i've never hacked, sacked, foot bagged, nothing. >> walking the dog. >> she told me to walk our dog. >> she refuses to put all four feet on the pavement. try walking faster. these dogs are fine. >> to russia. for a shocking commute. you see this car is trapped in some traffic, can't get
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anywhere. there's a tram up ahead. but all of the sudden, boom. >> oh, oh. >> oh, yikes, live wires, live wires. >> yeah, the wires that are powering that tram snapped off the connection at the top of the tram, comes down on top of these cars. you see sparks fly. >> i'm glad nobody is getting out of their cars. >> not yet. look at the tram driver in the right of your screen. see him? now, the woman driving this car is, like, trying desperately to get her out. you can hear her child in the back. >> look at the tram driver trying to figure out what the heck just happened. that's a dangerous place to be. if i was one of these drivers, i wouldn't want to drive over those live wires at all. >> well, you're going to be okay in your car because you're grounded because of the rubber tires. but the tram driver is in real danger because the street is damp and that's going to conduct
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electricity! the other thing i like about this video, listen to what's jamming in russia. >> oh, jeez. >> the song that won't go away. >> even in russia, sexy and i know it is popular. >> that's not sexy. >> it's dangerous and i know it. >> that's it for our show. but, before we go, we have one more video for you, it's called free running. it's about ryan doyle. enjoy and we'll see you tomorrow.
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